Just a sampling of the some of the nice things written about the shop…

National Post – Great Canadian Adventure, 100 ways to fill your calendar this fall: “#43. Buy supplies at Mixed Media, a terrific independent art shop in Hamilton, then head to James Street North for an Art Crawl, held every second Friday of the month.”

Beaux Mondes, Dec. 2010: “Mixed Media is the first shop that comes to mind when you think of James Street North. As catalysts behind the revitalization of the James Street North neighbourhood, Dave and Teresa Kuruc are two of the kindest and most eloquent shop owners you will ever encounter.”

Love It A Lot, Dec. 2010: “Dave is the first face that many meet when they venture down to James Street N – and for good reason, he’s so damn passionate about this street and makes a point to get to know all of his customers well.”

Raise the Hammer, Sept. 2009: “If this were just an art shop and nothing else, then we might as well locate in a strip mall on the Mountain,” Dave explained. “It’s more than that – we’re trying to help build a community, and I think people respect that.”

Canadian Geographic, March 2008: “For the James North Art Crawl, a festive event on the second Friday night of each month, galleries keep their doors open until around 11 p.m., so visitors can explore and chat. Check out Mixed Media, an art-supply store and incubator for many of the area’s bright ideas.”

Toronto Star, June 2007: “A grimy, rust-belt downtown avenue, James St. North is undergoing a rejuvenation, shopfront by shopfront. Sure, there are still shuttered stores and boarded-up businesses, but there’s also a creeping blush of arts-related businesses. One is Mixed Media, a funky arts supply store that would be at home in Toronto’s Queen St. W. area. Co-owner Dave Kuruc is typical of this new breath of enthusiasm about Hamilton’s potential on the art scene.”

The Hamilton Spectator, Taking it to the Street, Apr. 2007: “Kuruc and his wife, Teresa Devries, own Mixed Media on James Street North. The store is part art supply shop, part gallery and part urban oasis.”